Evolution of the Home

Evolution of the Home

Since the introduction of home insurance, the size, design and uses of space within homes has changed significantly.

According to the Canadian Mor...

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What is CDRG?
cdrg+RedTeam is a unified team of restorers, property specialists and project managers who share a common desire to "Rebuild your Environment by Design". The firm consists of property professionals providing an integrated property restoration service offer. We are a strategic partner for our clients thanks to our joint efforts to serve them to the best of our expertise, at every opportunity. 

The innovative restoration and quality of our achievements reflect our commitment to sustainable restoration and our conviction that design rebuild is a powerful tool for expressing an identity – one that any organization can use to demonstrate its values to the property restoration industry. 

The founding principle of cdrg+RedTeam is to bring the complementary fields of expertise of our multidisciplinary team together under one brand. Ready to tackle the property challenges facing large and niche organizations, we use a synergetic approach which enables us to orchestrate our efforts around a shared, holistic vision that ties design rebuild, restoration achievement, innovation and performance together. At the core of our mission lies a commitment to go beyond the principles of disaster restoration to become a strategic partner with our clients in the success of the projects that we undertake together.

We are your local property restoration expert specializing in water damage, fire damage, environmental remediation, renovation and we are a part of your community. Each cdrg+RedTeam location is independently owned and operated by local certified team members – hands on, passionate property restoration owners who are involved with and reside in the communities where their restoration operations are. 

Today, the cdrg+RedTeam is Canada’s leading property restoration network, in terms of property restorers (1750+), average years in business (20.5), service locations (150+), and combined sales (250 000 000) annually. It was established in 2004 as the first truly national disaster restoration elite network by restorers for restorers to offer customers coast to coast reach and an efficient property mitigation experience.

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For the client, we provide the assurance of quality and backing of a national organization.
Need help?  We’re there for you 24-7-365.


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