The Canadian Disaster Restoration Group is a property restoration cooperative network based on restoring urban structures and habitat company founded upon the lifestyle of restoration and mitigation. The collaborative nature of the cdrg+REDTEAM brings property experts and property clients together in a way that breeds collaborative innovation and a shared passion for our industry. As a network company cdrg+REDTEAM supports some of the top disaster restoration experts with our CDRG RedTeam.

cdrg+REDTEAM is Canada’s leading property restoration network, in terms of certified property experts (1750+), average years in business (19.8), service locations (150+), combined sales (270 000 000) annually and amount of certified members affiliates (60). It was established in 2004 as the first truly national disaster restoration coalition to offer customers coast to coast reach and a smooth property mitigation experience.

The cdrg+REDTEAM network is proud to have some of Canada’s most respected disaster restoration organizations as members, offering responsive emergency dispatching and efficiency when a storm wreaks havoc. And the cdrg+REDTEAM property restoration coalition continues to grow so that it can better serve your need for quality restorers.

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