CDRG Water Boys

The CDRG Water Boys. Made to Stand the Test of Time

On the strength of a unique business plan and the help of renowned 2nd and 3rd generation restorers from across the country the Canadian Disaster Restoration Group is now the largest disaster restoration network in Canada.  Since 2004, the CDRG has overseen the acceptance of 150+ service locations and over 1750 disaster restoration experts.  All of CDRG’s team members follow the same formula: Together Everyone Accomplishes More; simple, but effective.

Entrepreneurship.  A Unique Brand with Talented Restorers.  A Winning Combination.

With over 20 certified members that are 2nd and 3rd generation restorers, hands on expertise are entrenched in their service offering.  Growing up around the content handling and drying facilities of their disaster restoration firms our certified members have a wealth of experience in the disaster restoration industry.  They know firsthand that having a talented and certified team is the magic ingredient to success.

 “Without the right people, you have nothing.

 The passion our founding members (all 30+ years in business) have for providing a positive work environment is also very evident in his commitment to all the CDRG team members.  

“Throughout our restoration careers, we have been mentored by incredible entrepreneurs and seasoned restorers who have provided me with their guidance, wisdom, and the benefit of their experience.  We believe passionately in the value of mentoring, and wholeheartedly support the work that CDRG, as a team, is doing to ignite the restoration mindset in all our young CDRG team members.” – Simon Frigon, President and Founder, CDRG   

Let restorers do what they do best

Our members know firsthand how difficult it can be to run a restoration business. You spend your days making sure the claims are being handled correctly, and then at night you go back to the office to start working on your marketing budgets and all that good stuff that comes with trying to sustain your share of the market.  The operating hours of a restoration firm are really demanding, but all restorers will agree that they love coming in to work in the morning because every day is different.  In the CDRG concept we facilitate the restoration techniques used by our members by providing training and ensuring certification.  We simplify the work flow with better claims tracking, implementing data consistency, and greater ability to handle assigned claims.  We deliver to each of our members a solid brand with a proven track record.  And believe me, this is a big advantage for members that just don’t have the time and resources to get this done themselves.  

Driven by business opportunities not numbers

We perform cross-referencing and demographic analysis when we go through the member application phase.  We’re not driven by the number of services locations we open, we’re driven by the number of good business opportunities we can create for the entire group.  We don’t accept new members just to put a marker on the map.  We refuse membership if a business does not share the same vision or is simply looking to join CDRG for their bottom line.  Our members have an average of 19.8 years of experience in the restoration business and many are restoration-icons in their local cities.  And while we are passionate about our work and can’t wait to have 200 service locations in Canada, we will continue to assess, and admit only quality restoration contractors.

Keeping it real

We are the entire brand figure, the “typical restorer”, and it shows that this company is the authentic thing.  It has real people, broad industry-based experience, and valued clients.  Working on this aspect of the business grants us perspective on the day-to-day processes and what is needed to improve CDRG’s approach.  

What is behind the “success" of CDRG team members? 

"At first glance, all our team members couldn't be less alike...... But it is their underlying similarities that led to their acceptance within the Canadian Disaster Restoration Group.... All are successful restorers who fought long and hard to build their disaster restoration firms. And when it comes to achieving success, all have the same will to go above and beyond the call of duty. Hard work and perseverance are half of the equation. Loving what you do is the other half."

This message is fairly well entrenched in the CDRG business model. The key, according to all team members, is to drive after success at all costs. Remove any and all barriers and embrace a single-mindedness of focus on the desired outcome. 

Success is what we make of it – in each new member acceptance interview we respond and look for two main triggers; humility and drive.  In our line of work one cannot survive without the other.  They cohabitate and make us who we are today.   

Providing an experience worth talking about

We want our clients, both insurers and policyholders, to talk about our team members and tell other people about our quality service and response time.  CDRG is set to become the reference for disaster restoration in Canada.  The experiences and conversations of our clients accomplish our marketing, one claim at a time.  Being the talk of the restoration industry is when you are truly changing the industry by storm.