Our history

In 2004 a restorer became frustrated with the lack of visibility for his 25 year + proven track record to the hands of the untested branded franchisees. He set about developing his own system for selecting and evaluating firm performance. He then began inviting like-minded firms from coast to coast to join an organization for their mutual benefit.

The Restoration Industry is Changing..

Given the changing state of the insurance industry in Canada, Simon Frigon founded CDRG out of a desire to catch up to the future. 

The community of insurance adjusters as a whole was, and still is, undergoing a shift towards offering customers a one-stop solution – through national franchise chains instead of independent restoration contractors.  Gone are the days of "who-you-know" luncheons and handshakes.  Nowadays, more often than not, independent local contractors servicing the insurance industry are being faced with two choices to remain competitive: be bought up by a franchise or go out of business completely.  

An Option Was Needed for Local Contractors to Remain Competitive and Independent

Simon Frigon, President and Founder of CDRG, saw this trend developing while he grew up surrounded by family in the restoration industry.  To him, the answer was clear: create a national, non-franchise, membership based association and offer independent contractors another option.

CDRG Is The Answer

By going national, CDRG has gained increasing leverage with the insurance companies while continuing to appeal to the independently owned and operated restoration companies. 

"We set ourselves apart from other groups because we are not run by a corporate head office, we do not charge any royalty fees, and we are not franchise-based" – Simon Frigon. 

CDRG has built a national network of specialists that work regionally across Canada by choosing only the “best of the best” to be part of it's membership.  It is also 100% Canadian.  "We support Canadian business and Canadian workers," states Simon.  He adds, "The restoration industry is in need of reliable Canadian, independent, restoration specialists. We ensure that all our members are certified, experienced, and up-to-par, by industry standards.  We can assure our clients that our members are the best in their respective fields.

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