The cdrg+RedTeam national catastrophe team was formed to meet the need of clients facing a major catastrophic event. cdrg+RedTeam recognized that many insurance companies and businesses desired a contingency plan and a support system in place before the event occurred, so that they would not be left scrambling when their local restoration contractors were overloaded and unavailable to take new claims.

Damage mitigation is crucial in controlling the overall cost of the damage – and the last position you want to find yourself in is needing immediate assistance but having to wait until local restorers become available.  cdrg+RedTeam is there to assist you.

Together with your company, cdrg+RedTeam will draft an SLA and letter of intent to ensure that you have the support of cdrg+RedTeam behind you in the event of a large catastrophe. We have membership representation all over Canada that is the “cream of the crop” of restoration contractors – and they are willing to travel to the site of the catastrophe to assist.

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