CDRG introduces new breed of restorers: RUSHXPERTs
Restoring Urban Structure and Habitat

In 2010, the Canadian Disaster Restoration Group is introducing a new generation of specialized restorers, the CDRG RUSHXPERT.  RUSHXPERT is the first of its kind in the disaster restoration industry. It is one more way that CDRG is ensuring that quality candidates are delivered to our clients.

What is a CDRG RUSHXPERT Restorer?

A CDRG "RUSHXPERT" is a restoration specialist who has demonstrates an on-going commitment to industry education, quality customer service and superior workmanship. This designation also recognizes independent restoration firms that exhibit integrity, professionalism and ethical business practices. This is a voluntary program that echoes the high standards that are expected from this exceptional group of professionals. To become a CDRG RUSHXPERT Restorer, restorers are required to meet the following requirements:

  • A restorer is required to sign and adhere to the Contractor Code of Conduct.
  • A restorer must have positive, current reference checks completed by CDRG.
  • A restorer must have successfully completed large loss claims with CDRG clients
  • A restorer must be endorsed by a minimum of three CDRG major clients
  • A restorer must be approved by CDRG’s Management Board.
  • A restorer must have a minimum of 10 years experience in their respective field
  • A restorer is required to be an approved firm with the IICRC
  • A restorer is required to attend the CDRG yearly seminar

What Does this Mean for our Clients?

When you select a CDRG RUSHXPERT Restorer you will know that you are getting the best of the best. These restoration professionals have a history of high standards in addition to their technical expertise and are committed to completing your claim with the client’s best interest in mind.

Keep in mind that all of our certified members have met the minimum requirements of excellence to become a CDRG member. These restoration firms have declared their commitment to high standards and are all future candidates for this certification.