Member FAQ

Is CDRG a franchise?

No.  CDRG is a Canadian network of independent restoration contractors.  CDRG charges an annual membership fee based on household count in your particular area, and does not take a percentage off of your total business revenues.

What are the benefits of joining CDRG?

See “Reasons to join our team”.

Will I get more claims if I become a member of CDRG?

You may obtain more claims through CDRG, however it is not a guarantee and it is not the main purpose of the group.  The benefits of membership are numerous, as outlined in “Reasons to Join Our Team” - and CDRG can certainly assist you in your quest to market yourself to insurers.  It is, however, a two-way street – and you need to take an active role in getting yourself more claims.

What are the requirements to becoming a member?

While successful CDRG members come from a variety of backgrounds, there are a number of characteristics that they share. Our selection process is designed to identify these qualities.

The CDRG members we are looking for are well-rounded companies who have a positive attitude for success and the passion and dedication necessary to excel. Self-motivation is key. It means you are ready to commit, to be proactive, to deliver results, and to continue learning and growing. While we ask that you demonstrate a degree of financial acumen. Specific industry experience is essential. We look at the skills and knowledge you've gained in your industries and see how they can be transferred to help the Canadian Disaster Restoration Group.

Certified member restoration contractor requirements

In order to be eligible to become a certified member, the company must have the following requirements in good standing:

  • Disaster Restoration must be your main source of revenue
  • Your firm must be approved by at least three insurance companies
  • Your firm must be in business for a minimum of 5 years
  • Have minimum certifications through the IICRC in water (WRT), fire (FRT), applied structural drying (ASD) and applied microbial remediation technician(AMRT)
  • Your firm must be an approved IICRC firm
  • Provide a copy of both pollution and liability insurance coverage for 2 000 000
  • Provide a copy of Worker's Compensation Board clearance certificate or province's equivalent Your organization must generate at least 1 000 000$ in volume annually
  • Your organization must have a minimum of five years in the insurance industry.
  • Your organization must be able to provide the following service 24 hour/ 7 days / 365 days / year emergency services
  • Provide full disaster restoration services
  • Emergency Board-up services
  • Total cleaning and deodorization services
  • Provide total re-construction services
  • Your organization must not be a member of any franchises or network
  • Your organization must allow a site inspection of the facility by a current CDRG regional office
  • Have a minimum warehouse space of 5000 * square feet for content cleaning and storage
  • Have a minimum of 6 insurance claims managers references

*if you are in the top 10 cities in Canada you must have more than 5000 sq.ft

What are the Steps to Becoming a Member?

Step 1 — Online Application
Go to the "Join CDRG" page and complete our initial phase. Once successfully completed, our membership committee will contact for further information.

Step 2 — Business Information Form Submission
Answer the questions and complete the financial information form included in the application. Our membership committee team reviews all applications and contacts promising members. An application form cannot be processed until the completed and signed financial information form is returned by e-mail.

Step 3 — Telephone Interview
If you advance to this step, your business acumen and leadership abilities will be assessed in two ways. A Canadian Disaster Restoration Group representative will contact you to conduct a telephone interview.

Step 4 — Office interviews
During this final step, we will visit your location warehouse with our dealer network. These interviews are timed according to availability. The Canadian Disaster Restoration Group does not provide any assurance or guarantee that any applicant will be accepted into the Canadian Disaster Restoration Group program until all elements of the selection and training process have been completed to the satisfaction of Canadian Disaster Restoration Group, in its sole discretion.

Ongoing member development
Keep your skills and knowledge sharp with a variety of development and training programs.