Praise from our members

Praise from the CDRG members

“Being a CDRG member gives us the assurance that we will be there to serve our communities insurance restoration needs in a catastrophic situation. We have been in situations where we have had other members on standby and they were more than ready and willing to assist if we would have had to make that call. We are a strong group of family and individually owned companies with hard working staff with high ethics and expertise in the restoration industry. We are pleased with our decision to become a CDRG member!”
CDRG Belleville - Malcolm Brothers 
Certified Member since 2005
Belleville, Ontario
Lynn Forestell, Marketing & Public Relations

 “Being a member of CDRG in the Okanagan Valley has served our company well. It has strengthened our competitive position as the leading provider of comprehensive disaster restoration services in this region and our association with CDRG is an important part of that message"

CDRG Okanagan - Okanagan Restoration Services Ltd 
Certified Member since 2006
Okanagan, BC 
Terry Moorehouse, Owner & General Manager

“After switching to CDRG we have seen an increase in the clarity from our clients and the homeowners because of their involvement. With CDRG support, we have been able to engage our clients about their experience on a higher level and as a result have consistently improved their willingness to try us out on other claims. Further, we have recently started a radio advertising campaign and used some of the CDRG ads as well as our own, it gives us a local feel with the backing of national organization.”

 CDRG Lloydminster - Spectrum
Certified Member since 2006
Lloydminster, Alberta 
Greg Stieb, Owner

“The CDRG is an important tool in our marketing. As a national organization it has strengthened our position with adjusting and insurance companies through networking support and recognition.  We feel like the ability to use CDRG and remaining an independent company will give our company leverage against the franchises and at the same time we will be able to use this quite heavily as a marketing tool."
CDRG Prince George - Universal 
Certified Member since 2007
Prince George, BC 
Ken Zwiers, Owner

“Partnering with CDRG has provided our company with many benefits; foremost,the opportunity to be part of a vast network of relevant, up-to-date information within our industry.  The CDRG staff are knowledgeable, efficient and always a pleasure to deal with.”
CDRG Kitchener - Higgins Pro Team 
Certified Member since 2006
Kitchener, Ontario 
Darrin Frickey, Owner

"CDRG has given us the unique ability to obtain access to large commercial clients and new insurance clients, and in-turn, this has given us the ability to accurately respond to our client's needs. The CDRG staff is also a pleasure to work with, you couldn't ask for a more attentive and helpful team!"
CDRG Toronto - Trimac General Contractors 
Certified Member since 2005
Toronto, Ontario 
Roni Zinner

“The Canadian Disaster Restoration Group has served as a critical network loop for our company - Networking that frankly I don't know how we lived without. We are so impressed with the simplicity, professionalism and follow-up of their process, reflected in our 100% response rate. Our staff anxiously awaits each new CDRG member announcement, taking the CDRG team to heart and helping to drive our disaster restoration service culture. CDRG has helped to make us a better company."
CDRG Metcalfe - Envirolife
Certified Member since 2005
Metcalfe, Ontario
Paul Vriend, General Manager