Reasons to join our team

The Top 10 Reasons to Join Our Winning Team

  1. CDRG is not a franchise. Members receive all of the benefits of being part of a nation-wide organization with the support of other members, without sacrificing years of hard-work and a percentage of their profits.
  2. Priority access to new preffered vendor programs and HQ support during the application process
  3. Priority access to new large losses, commercial property loss programs and HQ support during the application process
  4. CDRG is a platform for members to network with each other – supporting each other in the event of a surge of claims or a catastrophic event. The different resources CDRG uses to stay connected are: a weekly newsletter, CDRG intranet and an interactive website, Annual General Meetings, etc.
  5. CDRG membership fees are a flat fee based on household count in the member’s service area, NOT a percentage of your profits. The advantage for the member is that their profits are not watered down by royalty fees. Another advantage is that the members in smaller regional areas are offered an affordable option to be part of the group.
  6. You will be part of the winning team. CDRG only accepts the best of the best as our members. We screen all of our potential members thoroughly to ensure that each member adheres to the minimum standards of excellence in the restoration industry.
  7. A 24/7/365 toll-free # which refers the client to the closest CDRG member to the claim.
  8. CDRG members have access to discounts through CDRG’s partnerships with industry leaders such as: GM Canada, BrokerLink Insurance, Abatement Technologies & Safety Express. This gives our members the capabilities to offer our clients an efficient & cost-effective solution.
  9. We have a Strategic Advisory Consultant & Board Member that is a licensed independent adjuster, who is based out of Vancouver. His main task is to meet with the major players in the insurance industry, as well as other major corporations, and promote CDRG as a national brand. This has residual benefits to our members.
  10. The CDRG leadership team is open and accessible. We are ready and willing to answer your calls and e-mails and we want to hear from you!

Partnerships that Save You (The Members) Money

  • Signed partnership with Addison Leasing on new and used vehicles
  • Signed partnership with BrokerLink on Auto/Home/Business Insurance (additional 10% on both home and auto insurance for Alberta & Ontario only)
  • Signed partnership with GM Canada for fleet rebate
  • Signed partnership with Benefect on botanical disinfectants & cleaners
  • Signed partnership with Abatement Technologies on restoration equipment
  • Signed partnership with Safety Express
  • Signed partnership with HUB International for group insurance liability and pollution (15% to 30% savings through CDRG)
  • Signed partnership with Hazmasters
  • Signed partnership with Fire Line Systems
  • Signed partnership with ICI Paints
  • Signed partnership with Hold Please Communications