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Take Action! Make Mistakes!

 "Success seems to be connected with action.  Successful people keep moving.  They make mistakes but they dont quit"


The intensity and frequency of severe weather events is increasing globally…This is a fact that we have reiterated several times within our blogs and newsletters and has been plastered all over North American media for some time now, that it probably invokes an inevitable ‘eye roll’ in most people at this point… but not the Dutch.

While we’ve wasted decades discussing the repercussions of a changing climate in an ‘all talk and no action’ approach, reacting to storms after they occur, year after year; the Netherlands has built itself into the world’s premier laboratory for how to tame rivers and seas.  As scientists have been predicting a stormier, wetter future, the Dutch have been developing a growing army of scientists, engineers and designers that have made it their life mission to work with water since 1953 and have now become a nationwide consulting company.  How’s that for being proactive? Throughout my life when faced with arduous tasks I have always caught myself thinking: In all the time you’ve wasted complaining about doing this, you could have been done by now.

Today, the fight against rising tides has gone global and the Dutch hold the key architecture and attitude of the future for how to cope.  Nearly half of the world’s population lives within 60 miles of the sea and the Dutch are spanning the globe to talk about water, branding their knowledge and most certainly benefiting from it.  “The Dutch now consult everywhere from Bangkok to Jakarta, from Dhaka to New York.  The surge in global disasters has meant a surge in Dutch business”.  From retrofitting, to new innovative engineering techniques, to computer simulation programs, new building materials, floating houses, etc. the ambitions and developments of the Dutch are so astoundingly innovative and futuristic that they are jaw-dropping… almost genius. However Taco Kuijers (a designer at the urban design firm Posad) disagrees, “But we’re not geniuses.  We’ve just learned a lot from our mistakes.  And we’ve learned slowly”. We urge you to read more about their incredible feat by clicking here.

cdrg+RedTeam takes the same approach within our industry-- our recent newsletters have linked worldly issues (such as population growth and climatic changes) to the lack of quality and efficiency in the construction and maintenance of homes these days.  Homes are no longer designed to last more than 50 years and ⅓ of the world’s energy consumption is devoted to their building and maintenance.  We believe that we can contribute to lowering these stats through one single concept: “Building Beautiful Resilient Properties”, promoting safer living and less waste in sustainable houses that are built to last.  Our knowledge has, too, been built up slowly over time through trial and error.  The cdrg was founded a decade ago and we realized, trailblazing in our bootstrapped state, that we could make a difference with those willing to listen to us.      

It’s like growing old.  You can’t solve that.  However, you can choose to respond respectfully, wisely and imaginatively to it, so that even ageing can become a source of unexpected riches”-Richard Heinberg