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Where there's Unity There's Strength

The cdrg+RedTeam (Canadian Disaster Restoration Group) and Restoration Affiliates (“RA”) are proud to announce their partnership in a new Memorandum of Understanding.

The Canadian Disaster Restoration Group and Restoration Affiliates have signed a Memorandum of Understanding between their respective member organizations.  As part of the Memorandum of Understanding, the partnership will allow both organizations to openly collaborate and raise awareness about the importance of hiring experienced property disaster restoration firms throughout the United States and Canada.

"By partnering with Restoration Affiliates, our team of restorers will be able to network, share resources, and create greater awareness for the group by promoting the Canadian Disaster Restoration Group to Restoration Affiliates. Our common strategy is simple: continuously strengthen our groups to improve our competitive position and performance.  This partnership will help foster new, more sustainable, building restoration and mitigation techniques.  In order to get to that end goal, big leaps in disaster restoration are still required, which naturally invites cooperation, which we are willing to do given the presence of strong partner like Restoration Affiliates. " said Simon Frigon Founder, Restorer and CEO of the Canadian Disaster Restoration Group.

Founding member restorers of both organizations lauds cdrg+RA MOU as a ‘partnership to grow the disaster restoration industry’.  We think this is forward thinking.

“We are proud to expand Restoration Affiliates associations with leading independent restoration contractors throughout Canada through our partnership with the Canadian Disaster Restoration Group. Both organizations are comprised of entrepreneurial industry leaders who share common core values and a commitment to professional growth and development. We look forward to collaborating with our partners in Canada to create opportunities to share ideas and resources to better serve our valued clients in the event of a property disaster” said Damon Gersh CR, President & CEO of Maxons Restorations and President of Restoration Affiliates.

Through the memorandum, the Canadian Disaster Restoration Group and Restoration Affiliates will maintain a working relationship that will involve the exchange of property disaster restoration industry knowledge between organizations. As part of the agreement, both organizations will also work to promote each other's awareness and best practice initiatives, as well as encourage their members and restorers to work together to create opportunities.

Great things can be achieved when there’s collaboration & teamwork…Where there is unity, there is strength.

The Canadian Disaster Restoration Group also known as cdrg+RedTeam is a member operated, national  network of leading, full disaster service, property restoration providers. The cdrg+RedTeam cooperative community consists of members who are recruited and selected based on a strict set of requirements.  Our 33 Certified members and 75 locations currently have on average 21.5 years of rebuilding experience and have completed over 200 million in combined property restorations from coast to coast.  The 2nd, 3rd and even 4th generation certified design restorers provide complete property restoration services to the major insurers of Canada, as well as complete property restoration services to commercial clients. For more information about the Canadian Disaster Restoration Group  visit

Restoration Affiliates LLC is a member owned and operated national network of leading full service restoration and repair specialists providing complete disaster planning, mitigation and recovery services to both regional and national property and insurance professionals throughout the continental United States.  Restoration Affiliates LLC currently have 22 members with 73 locations in the US with a total gross sales of more than US$300M. For more information about Restoration Affiliates call 855.RAQUALITY or visit