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It Takes a Team to Win

It Takes a Team to Win the Game

“Imagine yourself driving your car down the freeway and taking your foot off the gas pedal.  The car continues to coast at significant speed in the direction you are currently heading in, but given enough time, the momentum will be completely lost and the vehicle will come to a dead stop.”

This is how Eric Deschamps, a business coach in Ottawa, defines “Group Coast”—a phenomenon that can surface in an organization, most frequently when a team is experiencing strong growth and momentum.  Deschamps elaborates that in group coast, certain members of the team “take their foot off the gas pedal” and rely on the efforts of their colleagues to keep up the pace.  In some worse cases, when the team is on track and progressing toward their goals, the group leader may begin to relax his or her efforts.

Sometimes success can be deceiving… How do you guard your team against “Group Coast”? 

Teamwork must be more than a way to find solutions; it must be at the heart of the solutions themselves. In more ways than one, it takes a team to win a game.


Read Deschamps’ full article here.

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