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Watch how Conor revolutionized the cleaning industry

The Benefect Story and how it relates to cdrg 

It can be said that the best partnerships—those that stand the test of time—are judged by how genuine they are.

Benefect is a great partner for cdrg+RedTeam,” said Simon Frigon, 3rd generation property restorer in Ottawa. “I say that because the company places a high value on the vision, solutions, and innovations that we, as a full service property restorer, bring to all phases of the mitigation and design restoration.”

The quality of their products and professionalism continually impress and allow our team to accomplish our objectives of performing safe and clean remediation projects.

Over the years, Benefect has received widespread recognition and awards for proving that disinfectants don't need to be poisonous to be effective. The explosive growth and substantial industry attention clearly show that Benefect is changing the way the world controls germs. From large-scale contamination site remediation to the home & child care centers the ramifications are staggering for these products.

The longstanding working relationship between Benefect and cdrg+RedTeam truly demonstrates the greatest benefit of these kinds of partnerships: each firm prospers in turn. When this model is the goal for both parties involved, the association evolves from that of client and restorer to partners dedicated to each others’ success.