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CDRG President Announces Recent Membership Renewals!


CDRG's President & Founder - Simon Frigon announced earlier today a list of members who recently renewed their 2011-2012 Memberships during the past month. Simon provided further comments regarding several of the renewing members including one of CDRG's most long-standing Members - Nu-Trend Construction headed up by brothers Frank and John Gabriele. Nu -Trend is located in Vaughn, in North Toronto and has been successfully operating for well over 25 years.


Nu-Trend Website

Simon also provides comments regarding one of our newer Members -


Leda Website

Simon commented on both these two members. "Nu -Trend and Leda are restoration companies that epitomize both longevity of membership and the strength of our new members within CDRG's "Membership Program Strategy".

Frank Gabriele commented today out being a CDRG Member, "
We, at Nu-Trend are excited about the furture of CDRG and will work hand in hand with the membership to solidify its place as a driving force in our industry."  

Simon went on to say, "Frank & John Gabriele have been associated now with CDRG for over 5 years and their Company, Nu-Trend continues to be one of the top, most trusted names in the Restoration business today. The Nu -Trend Team is fully committed to providing immediate response to emergencies while delivering superior workmanship and service guidance to all of their customers. It is the referrals that are generated by this level of service that has placed Nu Trend in such a trusted and well-respected position with their clients, Insurance Representatives and Adjusters." Simon went on to say, "it is members like Nu-Trend that provide CDRG with a solid building foundation and membership strength that has made CDRG successful today!"

"Matt and Brenda joined CDRG in 2010 and after their first full year, they see the value of being associated with CDRG members. Leda has had the opportunity now to see CDRG in action now for the past 12 months and renewing with us is a clear message that we get it," says Simon.
"Leda has been in business for over 16 years now and they have proven to their clients that the 'personal touch' with consistent, quality results along with solid, on-going communications is what has made their company successful and a growing concern over these years in business."

As Brenda Molson commented earlier this week, "
As an independent contractor in today's environment it is important that we group ourselves with others of similar values and goals.  A collaboration will enable us to compete in this market while maintaining our individual integrity. Being a member of CDRG and the entrepreneurial spirit of its members will move us forward in this ever changing industry.  We are proud to be a member of this association and all that it stands for."

Simon went on to say, "I have talked about two renewing members but I would be remiss not to mention each of our other members that have recently renewed with CDRG as each member recognized below, brings tremendous value to our Group and truly makes us a National Restoration Contracting Group here in Canada!"


The Whole Show Restoration - Parksville, BC - Member since 2007

N & R Duguay - Gaspé + 3 other locations, QC - Member since 2008

Les Construction Ultra - Granby, QC - Member since 2008

C & M Building Contraction - Corner Brook, NFL - Member since 2008

Nu-Trend Construction - Toronto, Ont  - Member since 2006

Leda Restoration - Toronto, Ont - Member since 2010


"To Restore, This Is What We Live For"


Leda Restoration owned and operated by Matt & Brenda Molson. Leda Restoration is now located in Etobicoke having recently moved (March) to their new and expanded facilities on Paxman Road.