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CDRG fly’s by the seven year itch mark and turns 8.

It seems like just yesterday we we’re losing ground to the franchises that had the financial backing of headquarters to promote and sell their franchisees. If you couldn’t get in to see the decision makers in Toronto it was becoming increasingly challenging to sustain our individual market shares, some might even go as far as saying near impossible in certain parts of the country.

Humble beginnings, for sure, but with the help from our founding members our common frustrations led to the development of Canada’s most important independent network in the disaster restoration arena.

Over the years led by that desire to have our voice heard transformed itself into a collective passion. We are proud to represent the few independent companies from across the country who have built their companies on great service, quality workmanship & community involvement.

Although we are still a very young company, the CDRG brand is now increasingly recognized in the industry as a group dedicated to providing best in class restorers. The fact that many insurers have put confidence in our services is a concrete testimony of this recognition.

We at CDRG are very proud of what has been accomplished in our first 8 years, but we also have keen eye on the future. Succeeding in our ever changing industry requires adaptability, insight & a firm commitment to embrace technology.

Rest assured that CDRG is here to stay! Trust that we will not Rest.