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Cheers to another year of Changing the industry by Storm

Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year
from CDRG!

Welcome to the final CDRG RedTeam newsletter of 2011. Merry Christmas to you from all of us here in Ottawa.

It’s been a busy year for the team at CDRG. As you probably have seen, we’ve been building relationships with more and more clients. We were also delighted to work with several new partners and vendors in 2011, recognizing the potential to provide property mitigation responders with a real opportunity to deliver real-time collaboration and restoration services. 

We continue to review our value proposition and review its cost-effectiveness and the features it delivers through 2012. We have seen important updates to this value proposition, outlined throughout the course of the year in the CDRG LinkedIn Group. A new pivotal addition to the team in the first quarter is sure to set the tone for things to come in 2012.

This coming year should prove to be an even more interesting one and there will be some important announcements which we hope will drive even more interest, awareness and transform the CDRG as we know it today.

Finally, we’d like to personally thank our network supporters and members that share the same passion as we do. We’re delighted that so many individuals and businesses are experiencing real benefit from CDRG’s nimble and cost effective strategy to respond to property losses from coast to coast. We know this will continue through 2012 and beyond and remain committed to delivering a cost-effective and valuable service for all of those restoration businesses and individuals that can benefit from owning their own presence on the national scene and who do not have the desire and budget to work with traditional franchise or corporate business models.

Cheers to another year of Changing the industry by Storm

Simon Frigon