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The current pressures on the restoration industry cause a dilemma which forces restorers to "do more with less". But the question on everyone's mind is: "How can we do more with less without sacrificing quality?"

One of the most powerful benefits, features and advantages of being a member with CDRG is that we now have an in-house marketing and communications department available. This plan has been designed to help all CDRG members from coast to coast who have neither the time nor resources to create their own internal marketing campaigns. In-house printing of business documents and marketing materials is a cost effective and efficient means of marketing to your clients. This will help our members get a step ahead.

CDRG will be launching its new ad in various insurance publications. It will speak volumes, encouraging you to exercise your options. 

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With that being said, in order to be more agile, the culture within the company needs to change. Somthing that is more easily said than done.

From a management perspective a lot of our time is spent or wasted micro-managing. It's really a three prong approach: decentralize authority, improve communication, and empower employees with a more horizontal operation structure.

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