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CDRG is pleased to announce the opening of Southern Ontario's most state-of-the art content restoration facility, Global Content Solutions (GCS). GCS is capable of restoring smoke, soot, water and sewage damaged goods to better than pre-loss condition using both the patented Esporta Wash System as well as the Fireline System.

According to independent laboratory tests, goods are actually restored to “food grade cleanliness” and the technology will enable GCS to restore 85% of damaged contents that are typically deemed irreparable. “We are very excited to be able to utilize this new technology to provide state-of-the-art services to all our customers. We can now restore all manner of sentimental articles that would typically be thrown out, and we can provide much faster and far simpler contents claim settlements” said Tim Sheridan from global content solutions.

“Our customers are guaranteed to receive the restoration industry’s most efficient and cost-effective professional methods of cleaning valuable goods and equipment through a patented, multi-step process of washing, sanitizing, and finishing which includes GCS’s Complete Contents Library with Pack Out Inventory (POI) technology. This technology is the industry’s most-tested and recognized technology for our highly trained and certified technicians to determine proper restoration for specific loss situations, how to inspect and assess contents, inventorying, packing and tracking management, as well as storage, settlement and returning preparation for an insurable loss.”

The benefits of the entire Global Content Solutions contents system technology include guaranteed, quick turnaround for residential and commercial property loss claims, on-site inventory of restorable, salvageable and non-restorable items, and safe and secure control of customer’s property. Industry benefits include an average savings of 80 percent over replacing the same items with prompt closing of contents claims.

The owners and staff of GCS are extending an open invitation to anyone interested in attending the grand opening of their 8,000 square foot facility at an open house being held Wednesday, February 29, 2012 from 1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m.. The location is 1280 Seagrave Rd, Unit G & H, Woodstock, Ontario N4T 0E3. Please RSVP to Tim Sheridan at 519-851-7700 or by email at



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Before and After - Baseball Shin Pads

Baseball shin - before  after-2.jpg