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Royalty Free, That's CDRG

Royalty Free, That's CDRG

How can we go far fast? Our smaller committed CDRG team members are drowning out the slow moving corporate naysayers and creating momentum. Whether you’re building a network or a member base, value and celebrate your first adopters and equip them with the tools they need to create a different more nimble breed of restorers.

People often ask us at CDRG ~ Why do you do what you do if it doesn’t make a profit? What’s the point...

Actually that’s exactly the point.
“We set ourselves apart from other groups because we’re not run by a typical corporate HQ, we don’t charge royalty fees and we’re not franchise-based.”
As an owner of a 3rd generation family restoration company we've created together a safety net. A restoration company life insurance policy if you want, to ensure our respective legacy continues when we decide to bring on partners, retire, sell or hand over to the next generation of restorers.

The RedTeam for catastrophes is the ace our members can call upon to compete on a national level.

CDRG is fully aware of the pivotal role technology and connectivity plays in the future of catastrophe response. As a network, our goal is to dedicate all of our energy to making things better, providing maximum client value and minimizing any waste. This process is determined as 'lean'. In short, it means doing more with less. This specific way of thinking applies in almost every business and in every process. A way of thinking and acting for an entire organization and how it operates. CDRG sets itself apart from other groups because it is a network of experienced hands on restorers working regionally across Canada, helping one another succeed.

CDRG’s growth has been managed by thinking outside the box with industrious business practices. In today’s fast paced environment, independent companies need foresight and strong co-leaders to compete in this highly competitive industry. CDRG’s executive team consists of people with over 60 + years of combined industry experience. Further, we offer a killer marketing arm that is in house, cost efficient and knows the industry inside out - Targeted. Our team includes web designers, marketers, restorers, ex adjusters, and yes innovators.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s OIAA tradeshow on May 25th at the London Delta Hotel. See link here.

Simon Frigon