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Staying Strong in a Storm of Chaos and Change

In every business we are faced with the chaotic ups and downs of the industry. These moments are unpredictable, moments of uncertainty and surprise, moments of sheer disaster, and moments we can remember as milestones as we grow as a company. Like the weather, though predictable at times, there are also unforeseen forecasts that evade our predictions and leave us in a state of chaos or catastrophe. The property restoration business climate is a lot like the weather. However, the important thing to realize as a property restoration company, especially in this day and age, is to identify when things are chaotic and when they’re not.

In 2012, the rapidity of change in the property restoration and culture has accelerated to unforeseen heights. This change has been fueled with the growth of new claim technologies, the expansion of third party administrators, and mobile advances. As a result, these new claim technologies make it increasingly difficult to determine the future, and our foresight into the future in turn is declining. The way clients want us vendors to handle these property claims is changing, and in order to keep up, it is important for companies to adapt and change with it, rather than fall behind. This is where we must ask ourselves what competitive advantages can our company move forward with to secure a durable position in the property restoration industry, and to ask ourselves what matters most? Though some have argued that it’s no time for companies like CDRG to make bold moves, the intention of establishing the cdrg|REDTEAM as a top choice in property restoration and rebuilding by 2016 is essentially our way of moving forward with a competitive advantage that will give us the staying power to foresee success in our future!

A change in industries is developing all around us, education has developed with online efforts, cars are seeing changes from fuel to hybrid, and social-media tools like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are changing the way people interact on a day to day basis. From music to movies, to cell phones and laptops, to industries like our own, there is no question that we are in a new world. All around us change is occurring, companies and products are being remade, redefined, defended, and attacked every day; we cannot sit and let the tide come in over us, we must recognize that change is needed if we are to withstand this revolutionary era we are part of. To thrive in this era requires a whole new approach, which we at cdrg|REDTEAM are prepared to take on! Few traditional career tactics train us for an era where the most important skill is the ability to acquire new skills. We are under constant pressure to learn new things, this can be daunting, and is no simple task, but it is an exhilarating task we at cdrg|REDTEAM are ready to explore!

In order to be successful it is important for any business to re-evaluate their business-model - innovation is constant in this economy. We began with a vision of a platform that for awhile worked and allowed us to think there was a line of sight, until in an instant it’s gone and suddenly a new angle is born. With the birth of this new venture, we need to systemize change. For cdrg|REDTEAM this change relies on the efforts of our teams.

We have now reached that fork in the road where we are faced with evaluating those problems we are able to solve, and those problems that need to be solved. It is these ambiguous problems that need to be considered as we move forward. "Uncertainty is when you've defined the variable but don't know its value. Like when you roll a dice and you don't know if it will be a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. But ambiguity is when you're not even sure what the variables are. You don't know how many dice are even being rolled or how many sides they have or which dice actually count for anything." The idea of taking risks and of branching out into this ambiguous future can be scary, but it is a risk we cannot be afraid of! Fear can hold a lot of people back, but it is those that are willing to be brave that ultimately reap the benefits of their courage in the future.

As a team, it is the variety of our experiences combined, and our shared passion to discover new experiences together, that will prepare cdrg|REDTEAM for whatever the future brings! It’s time we gravitate to the new; adaptability is required in order for us to distinguish ourselves as an elite team in the industry. Trying to replicate what worked yesterday will only leave our company in the past. When times seem uncertain, we instinctively look to our past, to times that seemed simpler, and we have the urge to re-create them. What we must understand is that our past has been blown away by new technologies. Now is the time for change, now is the time for us to venture off into the new to establish a strong position for our company in the future.

Not everyone is prepared for this venture; some people have questioned the changes we are about to embark on. The world and our industry is no longer what it used to be, so we need to create new parameters. Every business needs to find, and evolve, the structure, system, and culture that best allows it to stay competitive as its specific market shifts. At cdrg|REDTEAM we are now prepared to deepen our brand experience, and reinforce our sense of identity! This is the moment for opportunity, and it is for the taking by those prepared to embrace the change.

We believe we need to have a brand that proves to clients and property owners that we are a reliable and responsive company, that will be able to support and protect them through a dramatic event.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives; nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change." As we traverse this treacherous, exciting bridge to tomorrow, there is no clearer message than that.



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CDRG is Pleased to Announce our Newest Specialized Member - Capital Textile Restoration Ottawa

CDRG is proud to introduce our newest specialized member Capital Textile Restoration Ottawa Inc. With over 33 years of experience in dry cleaning & restoration in the Ottawa region, this professional, qualified, and bilingual staff are committed to quality cleaning. Restoration dry cleaning has proven to reduce the value of insured claims, and our partnership with CTRO will allow us to go above and beyond with customer satisfaction. Using Capital Textile Restoration Ottawa dry cleaning services will enable you to provide and help your insured retain their belongings and important items, will help save your company significant claim costs, and will reduce the time needed to source the right replacement items. CTRO offers stuffed toy & doll cleaning, laundry by the pound, quick emergency delivery service, drapery & curtain cleaning, blinds cleaning, bed & table linen cleaning, smoke & odor treatment, a tag system on each garment, carpet cleaning, dry & wet cleaning, specialized leather, suede & fur cleaning, shoe & accessory cleaning, with a no charge guarantee for non salvageable items. CDRG is excited to be working with Capital Textile Restoration Ottawa Inc, and we welcome them to the team!


Proud Partners of CDRG