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cdrg+REDTEAM Would Like to Officially Welcome our New Quebec/Eastern Canada Representative

As you probably already know, cdrg+REDTEAM has recently undertaken a positive shift in Quebec. This new shift furthers our mission in total quality service throughout Canada. We have further set out with the goal of achieving an elite team in the industry by investing in a quality control program that is truly out of the ordinary.

To achieve this goal cdrg+REDTEAM is very proud to announcethe appointment of Ms. Marie-Claude Boudreault as Director of Operations forthe Province of Quebec. Ms. Boudreault is recognized for her leadership in theQuebec region. She has to her credit over 25 years of experience in the industrial field.

"As we continue to move forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, we continue to succeed in our goal as becoming an elite team in the industry. I am very excited with this positive shift cdrg+REDTEAM has taken in Quebec, and I look forward to seeing great things from Ms. Boudreault
and our Quebec partners in the coming months and years." - Simon Frigon

Ms. Boudreault has previous experience as a Director ofQuality Control (Customer Service, crisis management, corrective / preventive actions and change control) in an enterprise specializing in the rental and maintenance of clothing working. Her experience, and ability to learn quickly, have shown to be great skills that will surely benefit our company and team in the future. We are excited to explore this new venture in Quebec with Ms.Boudreault's expertise on hand.

The Next Generation of Property Restorers Will Become Design Rebuilders

It seems that the contracting and the property restoration industry has a bad rap in Canada. We’ve all seen the storyline on HGTV : homeowner Mrs. Jones hands over a deposit cheque for 50% of the work to John Smith Contracting to revamp her kitchen but in the end he never showed up on Monday morning. What follows next is usually the hook line and sinker “the good contractor comes in and saves the day” and everyone feels good, next. It’s unfortunate but sadly it happens often since the ones that are honest and good at what they do are usually very hard to come by. They are very busy and usually don’t have time to go knocking on doors looking for work.

Reputation goes a long way.

Our team is taking a novel approach to the conventional world of property restoration by treating each and every property like a 'sleeping beauty'. Our mission; to coax a property’s potential beauty by “Rebuilding Environments by Design” hence the RED before the team is slowly but surely changing the industry by Storm. Giving every room a potential high-end custom makeover. Equipped with a team of 2nd and 3rd generation craftsmen, we descend upon damaged or once lackluster properties adding character and eye-catching custom details. The results are without fail, beautiful to the eyes of the property owner simply because he or she participated in the process. and even though their infamous makeovers cost a small fortune, they invariably guarantee a future sale at a much higher price if they choose to do so at a later date. Our philosophy is based on a simple but important axiom: we’re not interested in creating something that the majority of property owners are going to like. We’re more interested in rebuilding something that one person is going to positively LOVE because at the end of the day, a property can only have one owner. Our job is clear as water, find what makes the property owner bend at the knees...seduce them...once this is done the rest is easy... design and rebuild that property.