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cdrg+REDTEAM Believes a Little Maintenance Can Go a Long Way

As the winter months approach, it is important to give your home a good thorough inspection. In doing so, a little repair now can avoid greater damages later. Here are some key things to look for and the steps you can take to keep your home in great condition.

The exterior of your home will take quite the hit this winter while protecting you from the harsh weather. While the weather is still moderate, now is a perfect time to inspect the exterior of your home to make sure it can handle the winter ahead. During your inspection it is important to check your foundations for cracks.  Open cracks can lead to more extensive water and mould damage. Caulking and sealing any openings to your home, such as around windows and door frames, is an inexpensive way to protect your home and prevent any heat from escaping.  While inspecting the exterior of your home, check to see if any paint is peeling. Peeling paint is a sign that the existing paint is failing and can no longer protect the siding of your home. This isn’t just a decorative fix, left uncorrected, the siding itself can deteriorate leading to expensive repairs in the future. Many of us are already in the habit of checking our roof before the winter. Inspecting your roof for missing and loose shingles is extremely important to avoid any ice, rain, and snow damage. If left unnoticed, these conditions can wreak havoc on your roof leading to extensive water damage. It is better to be proactive now and to take the necessary steps to repair your roof rather than in the midst of a snowfall. While outside, don’t forget to clean out the gutters and downspouts, ensure there is a tight seal between your garage door and the ground, and to repair any cracks in your driveway

The interior of your home can also use a bit of maintenance to keep it in working condition. As mentioned above, proper sealing and insulation will help keep any heat from escaping your home. Checking for drafts and repairing any air leaks from windows or doors will help save up to 10% on your total annual energy bill! Before the winter hits, it is important to have your heating system checked, get your fireplace in working order, and have the chimney cleaned. Clogged chimneys can pose the risk of a chimney fire.

There are many steps we can take to keep our homes in working condition. These are just a few simple steps that can ultimately protect your home and avoid more extensive damages in the future. A little maintenance can surely go a long way. A proper inspection to your home can quickly repair many minor damages at an affordable price.   At cdrg+REDTEAM we believe that many home owners can prevent property losses by inspecting and maintaining their home year round.



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