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The Power Behind the cdrg+REDTEAM Network

Why Marketing your Restoration Business with a Network Works

As the restoration industry continues to change, it is important to realize the necessary steps you must take to market your business successfully.

If you have not already embraced the reputable standing of restoration networks in your marketing plans, it is time to utilize the network to truly market your business. Restoration networks offer a superior value proposition to insurance companies who are seeking an efficient and promising means to handling remediation claims. As this becomes increasingly more sought after by large insurance companies, it is evident that networks will soon take over with how most homeowner property damage claims will be handled.

Insurance companies are trying to streamline claims by taking insurance agents out of the loop, and in turn, most insurance agents prefer not to be involved as they are not paid to handle claims. By seeking a network to be affiliated with, insurance companies are placing a much greater emphasis on a consistent customer claims experience. Insurance companies are seeking networks who can offer this high level of customer service, and who ultimately, can guarantee a high level of standard in terms of job experience and job satisfaction.

The solution for insurance companies is in claims networks, such as cdrg+REDTEAM, in order to secure a group of qualified and insured restorers to send to jobs on what sometimes may be very short notice. Furthermore, by working with a network, insurance companies gain a sense of peace of mind with the sort of quality monitoring they can expect from the organization. Lastly, a satisfaction guarantee of the work performed makes it easy for insurance companies to designate claims to networks who can serve as a great equalizer between the experience, the client, and the insurance company itself.

The future is very bright for restoration networks such as ours. Networks are the wave of the future for sourcing restoration work; it is the power behind network affiliations that will succeed despite growing changes in the industry.


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