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Committed to the Vision, Committed to the Team

This month, cdrg+REDTEAM is proud to reacquaint you with a couple of our renewing members. In order for cdrg+REDTEAM to succeed, we require continuous dedication and persistence; it takes a lot of determination, commitment, and effort.

As our network grows, we are very proud to introduce the newest members to our team; however, we’d like to take this month as an opportunity to thank each of our dedicated members who have renewed time and time again in support of the cdrg+REDTEAM vision.

This month in particular we’d like to reacquaint you with Universal Restoration and Kings Lake Restoration, who have each renewed their membership for yet another year with cdrg+REDTEAM. With nearly five years under each of their belt, these companies have been committed members who continue to utilize the network to help grow their own individual businesses.

"We are excited that Universal Restoration and Kings Lake Restoration will continue to be a part of the growing cdrg+REDTEAM network," stated Simon Frigon, cdrg+REDTEAM's President and CEO, "We look forward to continuing our rewarding association with both contractors."

Without commitment, you cannot have depth in anything; it takes a committed team to go the distance. Each year, as your memberships renew, we take pride in what we have accomplished together. With 2013 fast approaching, we look forward to introducing new opportunities, tools, and systems that will further benefit the cdrg+REDTEAM membership, and serve to truly create a dedicated, united, team!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
Margaret Mead

The Importance of Co-Branding

Some of the best success stories develop not from individual companies, but from their efforts to team up with others to create something unique and powerful. The idea of co-branding has been around for ages, yet with new technological advances, this has become more powerful than ever. We’ve seen it with celebrities and products, and campaigns with social media outlets. Co-branding is being used increasingly by companies both large and small to raise awareness and generate sales. With cdrg+REDTEAM, co-branding refers to one brand which unites our members and strengthens our consumer power throughout Canada. As the restoration marketplace becomes ever-more crowded, co-branding offers the opportunity for further market penetration. Dan Beem, the president of Cold Stone creamery, recently co-branded actual Cold Stone locations with Tim Hortons. Beem, a strong believer of co-branding stated, “Co-branding can be an effective strategy to survive down times and even grow. It can create new revenue streams, increase momentum, and raise brand awareness as well as reduce costs”. As Beem argues, the benefits of co-branding are truly endless.

By working with cdrg+REDTEAM, our mutual co-branding experience allows for our companies to share complementary values, to gain a best-in-class status, and to gain successful promotions in our unified branding ventures.

Choose cdrg+REDTEAM today, and create a branded partnership that works for you.

Proud Partners of cdrg+REDTEAM