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Get Your Fingertips Red

After three months of development, cdrg+REDTEAM is pleased to announce the launch of our new website new design embodies the elite sense of pride we take in our membership.

The new site is intended to engage with our users. Our new interactive template incorporates blogs, videos, and photos. Our goal behind our new template was to create a user friendly webpage for our clients, insurers, partners, members, and fellow industry professionals. will help to unite our network from coast to coast. We invite all of our members and industry professionals to showcase their knowledge through our new cdrg+REDTEAM Blog. With the great feedback received on a daily basis from our LinkedIn page, we realized that our website was missing an important feature – you! Help us command attention to important industry standards, changes, and new information and techniques, by sharing your knowledge with us all via our new blog.

With our new .com site, we hope to create a page where industry professionals around the country have an opportunity to influence trends and showcase breakthrough ideas by offering some of the best information out there.

Check out today!