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cdrg+RedTeam Welcomes Serge Lapierre Construction

In the last few months, cdrg+REDTEAM has reached new grounds in Québec. This achievement can be described in one word: influential. Our determination, perseverance, and efforts have proven successful with our new Quebec members that have joined the team.

Staying true to our mission statement, cdrg+REDTEAM has diligently selected members based on their experience and impeccable track record. Our newest member from St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec is no exception!
With over 15 years of experience, Mr. Serge Lapierre from Construction Serge Lapierre, has worked closely with insurers and property experts to offer impeccable service in residential construction. As Construction Serge Lapierre continues to grow, it can only attest to their solid reputation in the industry.
As a licensee under the Régie du Quebec, Construction Serge Lapierre will meet each client’s expectations, while working according to the National Building Code. In addition, Serge Lapierre is also a member of the Réno-Maître.
When asked about joining cdrg+REDTEAM, Serge Lapierre had this to say:

"As a restorer specializing in the rebuild sector, we've noticed in the last few years that our niche clients want a more specialized full mitigation service. One of the ways to bridge the gap was to join a national community that is faced with the same challenges.

We are a small team, and all our co-workers have been with the company for several years. We are adept at work­ing in the team con­text and have a knack for responding to unique re­quests with con­sid­er­a­tions of the insurer and insured.  Similar to our fellow members, we require specific needs during large property losses and catastrophes and cdrg+REDTEAM offers that insurance."  

We are very happy and excited to welcome Serge Lapierre and his team to cdrg+REDTEAM! For more information visit