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We Are Only As Strong As We Are United

This month, cdrg+RedTeam is proud to reacquaint you with some of our renewing members. In order for cdrg+RedTeam to succeed, we require continuous dedication and persistence; it takes a lot of determination, commitment, and effort. As our network grows, we are very proud to introduce the newest members to our team; however, we’d like to take this month as an opportunity to thank each of our dedicated members who have renewed time and time again in support of the cdrg+RedTeam vision.

This month in particular we’d like to reacquaint you with Royston Restoration, C&M Building Contractors, and Clean All Environmental Services, who have each renewed their membership for yet another year with cdrg+RedTeam. With nearly five years under each of their belt, these companies have been committed members who continue to utilize the network to help grow their own individual businesses.

"We are excited that Royston Restoration, C&M Building Contractors, and Clean All Environmental Services will continue to be a part of the growing cdrg+RedTeam network," stated Simon Frigon, cdrg+RedTeam's President and CEO, “We look forward to continuing our rewarding association with all three contractors”.

Without commitment, you cannot have depth in anything; it takes a committed team to go the distance. Each year, as your memberships renew, we take pride in what we have accomplished together. In 2013, we look forward to introducing new opportunities, tools, and systems that will further benefit the cdrg+RedTeam membership, and serve to truly create a dedicated and united team.

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