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Let Your Brand Say It All

A perfect design restoration involves much more than design; all restorers should consider the value and influence of a branded image. An ineffective brand image, like an ineffective design restoration, can have a negative impact on the success of your restoration company. Though function plays an important role in the design process, looks, despite being superficial, play just as highly of a part.

business_and_brands.jpg  As a restoration company, one must be attentive to all
  aspects of their bussiness that are showcased to the
  public, whether that is to homeowners or insurance
  companies. A well-designed company, with
  well-designed projects, and a well-designed brand
  name, shows your clients that you are detailed in your
  business structure and your project execution. You
  want to invite your clients in by every means possible.

  Here are a few tips to consider when designing your
  own branded identity:

  1. Design an office space that is inviting to your
  clients; showcase your talent in your own workspace;
  allow it to inspire and to contribute something to your
  branded identity. The thought and effort you place in
  your own business shows the type of consideration
  you will have for your customers.

  2. Remember that your client and projects often vary;
  one size often doesn't fit all. Despite creating a
  branded identity for your restoration company, be
  sure to have that brand be flexible to the needs of
your clients, to be innovative, and open to change.

3. Have your brand address a specific issue. Think about the problems your clients will rely on you to solve. Let this guide you as a mission to your restoration goals.

A well-structured design is like a well structured business plan, without it, your company may lose its way and its identity. It's important to build a branded identity that is easily accessible to your clients. This should be incorporated throughout the design of your business, whether that be with your office space or communications, it must be utilized throughout in order to truly be successful.