Integrity and Accountability

CDRG puts the client experience first

Disaster Restoration is invariably difficult, disruptive and stressful. At CDRG, getting the job done on time and on budget is only one part of the equation. Freeing the clients of the pain and stress they would otherwise experience, even engendering enjoyment at seeing a disaster becoming a positive experience, is a shared vision that governs every aspect of the mitigation business.

“I call it the ‘third dimension of our mitigation business’ – how the customer experiences the process of us helping them get their property restored,” said President Simon Frigon. “The first two dimensions being the expertise and services that we offer.”

“Our team is a proactive team of certified members, disciplined and capable of rapidly adapting to our client’s evolving needs,” said Frigon. “The skills, average of 18.9 years experience and well-being of our certified team members differentiate us from the competition. We work hard to support our member’s professional development and to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty, which I believe, translates into satisfied and loyal clients.”

The CDRG team has gone through the rigorous process to select top local industry leaders for their members in order to help clients feel confident in the event of a catastrophic event.

The best possible property mitigation experience begins with a strong team spirit of innovation, collaboration and common purpose.