CDRG PrivateClient

On the surface the CDRG PrivateClient is a simple thing. It lets users get exactly what they want from one source. By users we mean from claim adjusters, facility managers, property owners to homeowners and policyholders. Insurers will like it because it’s reliable and consistent.  Property owners will like it because it's fast and affordable.  It will allow users to share information and track the mitigation process.
The sheer power of CDRG PrivateClient will be the ability to leverage the 1750 experts under the same umbrella. You can have the best software, tracking and dispatching devices in the world but if you can't actually do the mitigation you are really at a disadvantage.
CDRG's iCLAIM is exactly the sort of innovative idea on which CDRG is stacking its future. A well built tool as popular as with team members as with insurance clients.  That advantage will become more important as users migrate from traditional "phone interaction claims from adjuster to contractor" to smart phones that consume far more data via websites, applications and multimedia.

CDRG PrivateClient
The consumer friendly approach to Type 1 water damage

  • Program endorsed by brokers & insurers
  • Avoids homeowner making a claim
  • Negates the deductible
  • Protects consumer from losing insurance coverage
  • Puts homeowner in control with expert guidance by CDRG
  • Creates goodwill image which benefits consumer as well as the broker\insurer
  • Reduces the frequency of small claims makes policyholder more responsible