Property Claims

As you are already quite aware, a claim will make or break your policyholder’s relationship with you, their insurance company.  Not to mention, a poor claims experience will incite policyholders to complain to their family and peers – and possibly cancel their policy.  That is why it is so critical that you choose restorers who are the best in their field – because cheaper is not always “better”, or in fact less expensive.

If the restoration contractor does poor work, your company will be on the hook to re-repair the damage done, and, not to mention, you will have lost potential new business because the insured will want to share their poor experience via word of mouth.  

So, finding quality restorers is the answer, but how do you find the best in the field?  CDRG does the leg-work for you.  We pre-screen all of our members – all of our members have IICRC certifications, WSIB clearance, a minimum amount of liability coverage and - not to mention – a minimum level of years in business (experience), equipment and revenues.  When you call on a CDRG member, you can be assured that it will be quality work – every time.  Not to mention, CDRG will find you a certified member 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Mother nature does not have opening and closing hours, so neither does CDRG.

Another reason for you to align with CDRG is “insurance” in case of a catastrophe.  CDRG members from across the country are prepared to unite to assist each other in the event of a catastrophic event – so you, the insurer, are not left scrambling to find an available restorer – CDRG will take care of it for you.?In summary, these are the reasons for you to align with CDRG:

  • A quality, pre-screened restoration workforce that is available to you 24/7/365
  • Back-up support in case of catastrophic events
  • Certified Members are located all across Canada